Women’s Fitness – Women Lose Weight & Fitness React Native iOS/Android App Template




Android and iOS app from single source code

Women’s Fitness is a React Native Women Lose Weight & Fitness App for Multipurpose template.This has been built with React Native CLI. Women’s Fitness App UI is compatible with both Android and iOS. Code format is easy to use,clean and well formatted. You can quickly install and check our demo application.

The purpose of a Women’s Fitness App is to provide the women with instructions and
examples of one or more types of exercise, physical activity,nutritional programs, or some other fitness topic.

You can follow the exercises given in the plan to meet your fitness goals.Those who are already fit and want to maintain this fitness level can choose from workout plans already given in the Women’s Fitness app.Women’s Fitness app also have various workout videos that users can follow to exercise.

Download Womens fitness android app
Download Womens fitness android app


  • Design with React Native
  • For Android & iOS
  • Redux
  • Easy to Understand Code
  • Clean Code
  • Ready to Integrate
  • Lottie Icon
  • Weekly Goal
  • Workout Musics & Songs
  • Otp Input
  • Bottom Tab & Menu
  • Sweet Alert Modal
  • Confirmation Alert Modal
  • Button
  • App Header
  • Static Tabbar
  • Splash Screen
  • Home Screen
  • Swiper
  • Profile & Edit Profile
  • Help Screen
  • About Self
  • Age Screen
  • Beautiful Login, Register & OTP Screen
  • Color Customization as per your brand Color
  • Weight Screen
  • Exercise Video
  • Take Rest
  • Report & History
  • Graph
  • Work Out & Details
  • Height Measurement
  • Calorie Calculation & graph
  • For Beginners
  • Skillswise workout
  • Calender
  • Timer
  • Steps counter
  • Heart Beat
  • Edit Option
  • … Much More

What you will get?

  • Women’s Fitness App
  • Full source code
  • Documentation
  • Free Version Upgrade

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