Packers show off rare sighting of Northern Lights over Lambeau Field with photo

Getty Images

A good portion of the country got an unexpected surprise over the weekend when the northern lights became visible.

Under normal circumstances, you generally have to travel way north to see the Northern Lights (or Aurora Borealis), but the lights were visible over a solid chunk of the country thanks to a powerful geomagnetic storm that hit the earth.

The lights showed up over Lambeau Field at some point over the weekend and the Packers were able to snap a picture of it, which they shared on social media.

When visible, the lights have a greenish, yellow hue, which made it very fitting that they were visible over the Packers’ home stadium.

The Packers also shared a video of the lights moving over Lambeau, which was just as impressive as the picture.

Although the lights were visible over most of the country, you did need to have some luck on your side to see them. They were only visible if it was mostly clear, so if you had a cloudy weekend, then you probably weren’t able to see the lights.

The lights were visible so far south due to stronger solar flares and coronal mass ejections from the sun, which led the he National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Space Weather Prediction Center to issue a severe geomagnetic storm watch. It was the first watch issued since 2005, so as you can tell, these things don’t happen too often, so hopefully you were lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the northern lights as they made their way across America.

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