Niagara Falls, Canada, eh?

Having my home base in Brooklyn, only seven hours away from Canada, one might assume I’ve actually crossed the border with my kiddo to explore the “True North Strong and Free.” Alas, no.

Today, the kiddo and I hopped into the car with her grandparents (with whom we have been staying with in Rochester over the holidays) and headed for the land of maple leafs, beavers, Mounties and one big mother of a waterfall.

Yes, folks, it was time to head to Canada to see Niagara Falls. Continue reading

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Santa Claus is Coming to Town… (Brooklyn-style)

I’m sort of infamous for throwing dinner parties, having a couple glasses of wine, and then forcing my friends to sing on camera. A few years ago for Christmas, I thought it would be *brilliant* to have the pals who were still around after dessert and digestifs to sing ‘Santa Claus is Coming to Town’. I found out the hard way that while my friends were good (drunk?) sports, they didn’t necessarily know the lyrics to the song… Guess that’s what happens when your roommates are all from other countries and most of your friends were born overseas!

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Looking back at 2013

A government shutdown, Edward Snowden, Obamacare, the imprisonment (and release) of members of the band, Pussy Riot, the planning of a private space mission to Mars, civil war in Syria, terrifying developments in rapid climate change, protesting around the world, and an increased spotlight on economic disparity and the death of Nelson Mandela. 2013 has been quite a year.

At a personal level, the year has been both marvelous and challenging. What follows is just a brief look at what’s been happening in my life: Continue reading

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Interview about ‘Advice to My Thirteen-Year-Old-Self’ at Wandering Educators

If you’re a family who travels or are interested in world education, chances are you’ve heard of Wandering Educators, a global community of educators hosted by a dear friend, Dr. Jessie Voigts, and her husband, Ed Forteau.

Not only have I had the privilege this past autumn of joining the faculty of Wandering Educators (more on this in a subsequent post), but my daughter is completing her first semester as a student in the Wandering Educators Youth Travel Blogging Mentorship Program.

Yesterday, Jessie and I sat down for a bit to discuss my inspiration behind the Advice to My Thirteen-Year-Old Self anthology, as well as how you can become involved. While it’s not explicitly mentioned, Jessie contributed a beautiful letter to the anthology, and is a great supporter of the project! Continue reading

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I’m back! Bigger, better, and with a crowdsourcing campaign!

The last two months have flown by. My time was devoured by homeschooling, freelance projects, a month-long bout of walking pneumonia (b’bye, November!) and continued work on the anthology I’m editing, Advice to My Thirteen-Year-Old Self. It’s this latter item I’m going to share with you today. First, become familiar with this button, as it will show up again later in the post:

Curious yet??? Continue reading

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Chocolate doesn’t contain caffeine! (A trip to the Choco Museum in Cusco, Peru)


Photo of ‘Cacao Fruit’ by Anevay Darlington

The longest love affair of my life has been with chocolate. Other loves have come and gone, but chocolate, proving he’s never jealous of the attentions I have given to others, has swooped in to comfort me during times of heartache. Continue reading

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5 Reasons Why Kids Should Teach Kids

Anevay teaching music theory at Still Waters

My 12-year-old daughter, Anevay, loves playing the cello. Not only does she practice at home, but she chomps at the bit for her weekly instruction at Turtle Bay Music School, and, while carting around her instrument around New York City, will, when prompted, occasionally play for strangers. Continue reading

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Where history goes to rest… The City Reliquary

Not even 100 years ago, the neighborhood of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, was known for its shipyards and sugar processing plants built along the East River. Ten years ago, the neighborhood was better known for its art and music scenes, roof-top concerts and underground dance parties. Since the rezoning of the North Side and Greenpoint neighborhoods in 2005, many of the area’s artists and musicians have been priced out and a wealthier, less diverse demographic has moved in. Continue reading

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How many hours a day does a freelancing, homeschooling mom really work?

Question: would you ask someone working in an office or attending a public school to hang out, watch your kid or feed your cat during a work day? I’m guessing not. So why, then, would you ask a freelancing, homeschooling mom to do the same?  Continue reading

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Introducing… Advice to My Thirteen-Year-Old Self

My daughter, Anevay, goofing around with friends in Brooklyn

I live for two things: my kid; and those rare times when lightning strikes and I’m inspired to work on a project bigger than myself, to connect with people in real ways. The conception of this blog was one of those moments. Last Monday, not yet out of bed, a new idea struck me silly… (Can you hear the crackle of lightning?)

THE IDEA: To edit a book called Advice to My Thirteen-Year-Old Self that will consist of letters of advice written by 50 women to their 13-year-old selves. Continue reading

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